Infinite Charge™ Warranty

Free Cable Replacements For Life

Every Fluid™ charging cable is guaranteed for a lifetime of use and backed by the strongest warranty on the market—our Infinite Charge™ Warranty. We've obsessed about the materials and construction of each cable to ensure you're charged, confident and ready for every moment. We're proud of these products and confident they'll withstand the rigors of everyday life and ask that you steward them well and don't intentionally abuse them.

In the rare instance you bring your Fluid™ cable to its knees, we've got your back. No need to worry about the typical two-or-five year time limits, or even a proof of purchase.

How it Works

It's simple, if your Fluid™ cable ever fails during your lifetime, we'll send you a new one. If any replacements fail, we will replace those as well.

Activate Now

Once you've purchased a Fluid™ charging cable, fill out the form below to activate your warranty. Completing this ahead of time will help our Support Team expedite your claim.

If you've already activated your Infinite Charge™ Warranty and need to make a claim, start here.

Fluid™ Charging Cables