Submit a Connected Equipment Warranty Claim
If you are the original purchaser of a 360 Electrical surge protector and wish to make a claim under the Connected Equipment Limited Warranty, please begin the process by filling out and submitting the following form.

Based on our investigation, if we determine that the Connected Equipment Limited Warranty covers the damaged equipment, and that the equipment was damaged as a result of the failure of the Surge Protector to prevent a surge, we will either:

1) authorize repair of the connected equipment, at a cost up to the maximum amount set forth on the packaging of the surge protector involved;
2) provide you with an equivalent equipment replacement; or
3) reimburse you for the present fair market value of the damaged connected equipment. The present fair market value of the equipment will be determined according the current value specified in the most recent edition of Orion BlueBook by Orion Research Corporation, Roger Rohrs – Publisher.

Upon receipt of your claim, you MAY BE required to complete the following steps and/or mail, at your expense the following:

1) The Surge Protector involved in the claim.
2) The equipment (if applicable) that was connected to the Surge Protector.
3) A copy of the original purchase receipt for the Surge Protector and damaged equipment.
4) Evidence of damage to connected equipment (pictures, the equipment itself, etc.).
5) Diagram of the external wiring configuration of connected equipment.

All claims must be made within 15 days of the Power Disruption and damage to the equipment. If claims are not madewithin 15 days of the Power Disruption, the claim is null and void.