Is there a way to remove the screw from the Revolve® surge protectors?

Yes. The screw is provided so that you can securely mount your Revolve® surge protector to your outlet. However if you have a designer plate without a center screw or just don’t want to use it, all you have to do is twist the red paper washer off the back of the screw and it will come free.

How many watts do the two USB chargers on the front support? Amp Output?

This depends on the product in question. You can view each product’s specifications under the “Specifications” tab present on each individual product page. The wattage and amperage will be listed for the specific product.

Do any of your products have a reset switch?

Yes. All of our corded power strips and surge protectors come equipped with a resettable circuit breaker switch.

Can I use any of your products internationally with 220V – 240V?

Yes. The PowerCurve Mini™ mobile surge protector as well as all of our Quickcharge™ USB chargers have been specifically designed to work safely up to 240V. All you need to have is the correct international plug adapter.

The Protected light on my surge protector no longer comes on. Is my product defective?

If the protected LED no longer lights up and the device no longer supplies power, this indicates that the device has done its job and sacrificed itself to protect your electronics from a surge. If this is the case, you should replace your device with a new one as soon as possible to maintain the protection of your electronics.