Better Power

Since 2005, 360 Electrical has existed to make things better. We’re driven to create smarter solutions that keep pace with our tech-centered lifestyles. We especially love breathing new life into products or categories that have been neglected or are just plain tired. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, 360 is privately owned by a woman who once had an annoying problem with plugging in bulky phone chargers. She solved that problem. Now, millions of people rotate electrical outlets instead of fussing with giant adapters. Today, we apply our creative energy toward even more power solutions that add outlets where you need them, protect valuable electronics, keep you charged and generally make modern life easier to live.


Whether it’s finding new ways to design products that fit better with our changing world, or developing a new method to more effectively track and monitor shipments; we take pride in everything we do. We are thinkers, creators and inventors driven to make things better. If this excites you, we want to hear from you.